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Paya Sardab Pars Company solution for clean environment


خطا در اجرای برنامه

    PAYA SARDAB industrial company was founded in 2007 by a group of university lecturers anda number of experts and engineers other cooling system experts to obtain production of cooling system according the latest world standard technology.

    PAYA SARDAB  started its work by design and manufacturing industrial cooling towers.

     The main activity of company from the beginning :

    1-   Consultation and guidance in field of cooling tower selection

    2-   Design , manufacturing and installation of cooling towers with different capacity according to different application

    3-   Design and manufacturing all of cooling tower’s components the same as RANDOM SPLASH packing It has designed and  manufactured by PAYA SARDAB for first time in IRAN

    4-   Site visit , consultation and renewed design for revamping cooling towers

    5-   Repairs and renovation it will be done by experienced experts of this company

    Paya sardab moreover manufacturing Fiberglass cooling towers , with cooperation of SPIG company (one of the biggest manufacturer of cooling tower in the world)ventured design and manufacture industrial concrete cooling towers . PAYA SARDAB administered Mobarake oxygen plant  cooling towers with cooperation of SPIG in Isfahan

    Today by expanding the field of production, PAYA SARDAB can handle all sort of: Fiberglass, Concrete and Steel fiberglass cooling towers, for industrials centers:

     -      Refinery

     -      Petrochemical

     -      Power plants

     -      Steel industries

     -      Food industries

     -      Rubber Industries

     -      Chemical Industries


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